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Dog fighting, a reprehensible underground crime, demands urgent legal and political attention. Once condoned by aristocracy and embraced by medieval gentry, this blood sport is now outlawed in S.A. Despite the ban, it persists in urban and rural areas, alarming South Africa. Law enforcement, historically dismissing it as a mere animal welfare concern, has failed to grasp its full extent. Communities scarred by dogfighting pay the price for this indifference, as children grow up normalized to violence, becoming desensitized and prone to criminalization. Dog fighters engage in a range of criminal activities, necessitating a comprehensive approach to combat this pervasive issue. In recent years, enlightened authorities acknowledge the interconnected nature of dogfighting with organized crime, drug distribution, and community violence. Denying its prevalence is increasingly untenable in the face of compelling legal and empirical evidence. It's time to confront this dark reality and take decisive action. 

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Harnessing data is crucial in combating criminal activities, and the brutal practice of dog fighting is no exception. Big data yields valuable insights into incident geolocation, socioeconomic context, and victim animal breeds. Establishing a comprehensive database can be a game-changer in addressing this tragedy. Currently scarce due to illegality and criminal ties, data is closely guarded by the SPCA's special investigations unit. Coba Tech aims to launch the "Data for Justice" employing its PreCog Machine Learning API to analyze and deliver reliable probability data on dog fighting hotspots. Combined with real-time app reports, this data will be submitted securely to the NSPCA's SIU. 

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