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Founded in 2015 as a response to Raman's volunteer work in the animal welfare field, CoBaTech was established with a clear mission: to reunite lost pets with their families and reduce the number of stray animals in South Africa. This humble tech startup takes a hands-on approach to tackle this serious issue

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Artifical Intelligence and Animal Biometrics

IntelliPaw is a technologically driven Pet Identification System. Use it to reunite lost pets and owners in a few clicks.


Discover the potential of IntelliPaw, the innovative AI-driven solution at the forefront of pet safety. Our unique technology harnesses the power of machine learning to accurately identify and protect our cherished companions with just a scan of their snout print. As we chart a course for growth and industry leadership, we invite forward-thinking investors to explore the remarkable opportunities IntelliPaw offers. Visit our website to see the impactful difference your investment can make in the booming pet care market and be part of a visionary journey to redefine pet protection.

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