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To become the global leader in technologically advanced pet identification systems, making it easier for pet owners to locate and recover their lost companions.


We are dedicated to enhancing the lives of pets and their owners by providing a secure, reliable, and efficient way to identify and reunite lost pets with their families.

Company Background

Coba Tech is a technology company specializing in animal biometrics and pattern recognition. Our team of experts has developed IntelliPaw, a proprietary system that utilizes snout prints to uniquely identify pets, including lost pets. 


Raman Rajoo


Raman's unwavering commitment revolves around elevating the quality of life for pets and their caretakers through the provision of a steadfast, trustworthy, and highly efficient platform designed to facilitate the prompt identification and reunification of lost pets with their respective families. His self-directed learning and steadfast determination are fueled by a deep-seated love for animals, complemented by a resolute entrepreneurial vision.

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